Employer Onsite / Near Site Health Clinics

Mission: Assist small to mid-sized Employers (less than 100 employers up to 30,000 employees) and other supporters in evaluating and optimizing onsite / near site clinic solutions.
Co-Chairs: Bev Helkey, Employers Healthcare Coalition
The Tri-State Purchasing Coalition
Brian Flowerday, SETSEG
  1. Charles Yarborough, CY Health Associates (Caterpillar & Lockheed Martin clinics)
  2. Jessica Straub, Esq., SETSEG
  3. Barbara Fahmy, Colorado Division of Worker’s Compensation
  4. Kathy Brady, CMB Health
  5. Josh Ayers, BDO
  6. David Hines, Metro Nashville Public Schools
How We Are Driving Change
  • White Paper Update:
    •  “Identifying the Financial and Legal issues associated with Onsite / Nearsite Clinics”
    • Finalizing Executive Summary and additional Chapters
    • Final White Paper will be made to members only;  renew or join today to receive your copy!
  • WHC WORKSITE CLINICS SUMMIT:  Monday, July 30   www.worldcongress.com/events
    • Adopt a Personalized and Holistic Worksite Clinic Model to Cut Costs and Provide Quality Care to Employees
    • Bev Helkey / Flip Steinour
  • Planning Future Events

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